Alan Jackson Getting Ready for Christmas

In a year soft on new Christmas music country superstar Alan Jackson will capitalize by re-releasing his Christmas album, Let It Be Christmas. Jackson is celebrating his 25th Anniversary and this album is just another part of that celebration. He’ll be spreading Christmas cheer for country fans a little early this year since the album is set for an Oct.

Full House Christmas (1994)

There are quite a few Full House holiday episodes.  I’ve written about the 1988 episode “Our Very First Christmas Show” before.  That Christmas story included actor Sorrell Booke (that’s J.D. Boss Hogg to you and me).  However, when I re…

Yard Outlet

Specializing in Commercial LED Christmas Lights as well as colored Christmas Lights for all occasions- not just Christmas! We carry patio lights, wedding lights and halloween lights to name a few. has a wide variety to choose from incl…

Christmas Chickens

When all else fails…go Muppets. They never fail. Especially when it comes to Christmas:

Consumerist Calls Christmas a Retail Menace

Unreal. Consumerist is out with another ghastly news flash about Hallmark Christmas ornaments for sale now at CVS drug stores. While they acknowledge the fact that Hallmark introduces their new line every July the fact they are now for sale in a drug store is apparently too much for them. Just what about retail does […]

Traditionalists Vow to Fight Charges of Racism in Netherlands

For nearly 200 years the Netherlands have carried on the St. Nicholas tradition of Zwarte Piet, a black elf-like character that only last year was condemned by critics as a racist caricature. Traditionalists tell Defend Christmas that they are organizing counter protests and the Winter Festival of 2014 will feature more Black Petes than ever, […]